3 Surprising Benefits Of “Me-Time” Now You’re A Mum

3 Surprising Benefits Of “Me-Time” Now You’re A Mum

Remember the days when you wondered what you’d do with a Saturday afternoon? For Mums, long stretches of “me-time” are a distant memory.

When did you last take time for yourself?

Before kids (“B.K.”), me time isn’t really that big a deal. You can watch an entire episode of a TV show in one go. Pop to the shops whenever you need anything. Decide what to do on a Sunday…on a Sunday. Even when life and work get super-busy, you can still grab time to unwind and relax. Or go out. (Remember going out?!)

But once you’re a parent, even the concept of “me time” is ludicrous, let alone the chance to get it regularly!

The thing is, taking time for yourself is even more important when you’ve got kids. Ironic that something becomes more crucial just when it’s so difficult to find. But it’s true.

You can probably guess that me-time as a Mum helps you stay sane, relax, and keep your blood pressure in check. But did you know that there are some far-reaching benefits of making time for you once you’re a Mum?

#1 Take care of yourself to take care of others

I bet you know the feeling of trying to look after other people – especially tinies – when you’re feeling utterly drained. This is when “me time” becomes crucial. You don’t have an unlimited supply of energy, patience, and health. I wish we all did. But the truth is that endless demands on your energy could ultimately leave you exhausted – or even ill. How can you look after others when you have nothing left to give?

Just 5 minutes me time will recharge your batteries so you can look after other people better.

#2 Be a positive role model

You never know when little eyes are watching… Truth is, if your name is Mum then those little eyes are watching and absorbing everything you do and say. Including how you treat yourself and the things you say about yourself. Show that it’s important to look after yourself and treat yourself nicely, especially when it come to eating and drinking.

Be an active Mum who ingrains ideas around body positivity and exercise.

#3 Boost your energy reserves

Taking me-time leaves you rested, but not sleepy. It actually energises you, so you can give more back to your kids. And if you choose to use your me-time for exercise or activity, you’ll be keeping yourself stronger, fitter, and healthier.

The gym can be a sanctuary for Mums – if you find a way to workout that suits you!

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