Personal training testimonials from the best clients a coach could wish for...

Jo-Anna Francis Jo-Anna Francis, Maidstone Virtual Assistant

I’ve been working with Bjorn for a full year now and will continue to do so for a long time, I’m sure.

My overall fitness has improved, my strength training particularly so but what I love is Bjorn’s flexibility and ability to adapt my training to reach my long and short term goals.

When I want to run better, we are able to focus on that, when I want to do a triathlon, the training is adapted accordingly.

I couldn’t ask for more from a trainer and as we move into a new year, he’s easily accommodated my desire to focus on nutrition and weight loss as well as overall fitness.

Karen Ponte Karen Ponte

I would highly recommend Bjorn to anyone! He takes a really individualised approach to everyone and his ideas and recommendations are focussed around what is realistic and achievable.

He pushes you to try new things but is always mindful of what is safe and appropriate.

His straightforward manner and easy going approach help make the sessions relaxing and enjoyable.

Sarah Mundie Sarah Mundie

I've officially lost a stone since we started 3 months ago and I'm so proud of myself for that. This is the most weight I have ever lost (despite trying every diet going) and this is the first time that I feel like I might actually keep it off. I'm so grateful to you for all your support.

Hannah Cooke Hannah Cooke

I went looking for a trainer to kickstart my fitness after falling into a rut. But I found much more.
Bjorn gives a complete package from Fitness, nutrition and life coaching. By having a one on one service I not only am pushing my physical ability but mentally I can deal with issues or blockers put in my way with diet and fitness.
Military style bootcamps weren't for me but with positive encouragement and long term habit changing session plans, I have achieved beyond my expectations.

Tom Knight Tom Knight

Bjorn has been an absolute dude. As somebody that finds it hard to motivate himself and has had experience with PT's before I have found his sessions to be challenging, engaging and enjoyable. He is kind, patient and understanding and really listens to my needs but knows how to challenge me suitably.

Tim James Tim James

Bjorn is by far the best of the best. He pushes you beyond your preconceived capabilities and motivates you like no other. I'm proud to have him as a trainer, and now a friend.

Anthony Martin Anthony Martin

The biggest benefit for me has been my confidence.

Sometimes I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and I look great. And because I look like that, I feel like that. I was never really happy with the way I looked when I was fat.

Also; I feel much more comfortable. My clothes fit right and I feel like I look more ‘normal’. Plus from a fitness perspective; I feel MUCH stronger when I play football- it’s harder to knock me off the ball now I’m stronger and that adds confidence. I’m playing better than I ever have.

The increase in my core strength and my improved metabolism also means that I don’t feel like I have to watch what I eat ridiculously vigilantly. I know I can have a couple of days off over Christmas or birthdays because I can always catch up to myself later. Knowing that I’m capable of losing this weight, means that I know I can do it in the future if I have to.

Ben Bhattal Ben Bhattal

The thing I've found most useful is determination to keep focused.

The sessions have kept me interested and I’m learning effective workouts I’d never done before, it’s pushed me to eat healthier, quit smoking and keep me motivated.

I’ve worked with PTs before and often got bored or found out they don’t really know what they’re talking about.

I’m noticing results in both weight loss, tone and definition and most importantly general fitness and stamina!

And it helps that Bjorn is genuinely a nice guy – it's always easier to train with a friend.

Alice Lambert Alice Lambert

Bjorn is by far one of the most supportive and kind personal trainers I've met! He pushes you to do your best and more! Such a fun relaxed training approach. I'm starting to see my results and it's all thanks to him!

Jules Fothergill Jules Fothergill

Before working with Bjorn I thought 'am I ever going to be fit again' now I know I can and will be. He's a great coach, he puts you at your ease, finds your level and does a great job of motivating

Samantha Law Samantha Law, Rochester

I bought a pair of size 12 jeans after I had my daughter Imogen which I couldn't even do up.  Now they fit me comfortably and aren't at all tight! Bjorn has been amazingly supportive and I have been following what he set me outside of our sessions too and the results are amazing. I really couldn't have done it without his help, direction and support.

Sarah Saunders Sarah Saunders

After 4 months in hospital i had problems even walking.  I signed up with Bjorn to help build muscle mass, improve my mobility and lose some weight. Bjorn had researched my illness and built a programme specific to me, my needs and objectives. He has totally exceeded these objectives. I have lost nearly 4 dress sizes and everyone says I look amazing! More importantly I have got back to better health than i ever used to be in. I am stronger, fitter and more mobile. I feel amazing and look great.  Bjorn has made working out fun and spurred me on with helping me produce fantastic results. My consultant can't even believe how well i have come on so I have passed on Bjorn's details. I would highly recommend Bjornfit. He has transformed my life and I will always be grateful.

Peta Moore Peta Moore, Rochester

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you, Bjorn. The help you have given me with my shoulder has helped so much. I was able to run Spartan under my 3 hour goal and I've not had any pain from my shoulder at all. Thanks for everything!