Why Aren't You Losing Weight?

You already eat fairly well and exercise, right?

You follow what you think is a pretty good diet - maybe the odd treat here and there, but overall, you're healthy.

It seems like you're doing everything how you're supposed to, but yet your weight and your body don't change.

All those hours on the treadmill and the cross trainer, the weekly classes, the weights sessions and the thousands of crunches are doing absolutely nothing for you.

It's hard - I've been there myself, and I've worked with hundreds of clients who've been in this exact same situation.You wonder whether the gym membership fees and the time spent there each week, away from your family, is really worth the measly results.

But what if that could all be different?

I'm NOT a personal trainer.

That might sound odd to say, but I don't consider what I offer as typical personal training. My clients and I work together to create a sustainable, effective and enjoyable plan guaranteed to get you the results you want.

In fact, all my clients now

  • Spend LESS time in the gym than they did before
  • Do LESS cardio - Eat more of the foods they love -
  • Don't have to run for hours on the treadmill, or stick to bland, boring, restrictive diets.

I only work with a limited number of clients at one time, in order to keep the coaching bespoke and high-quality, so to apply for a spot and see if we'd be a good fit together, get in touch.