Ever look at Holly Willoughby and wonder how she keeps her figure whilst running around after the kids and having a demanding job?

What if you could regain your shape and enjoy time with friends too?

  • Do you find you often have all the best intentions of sticking to your gym goals and diet but for some reason it just never happens?
  • Starting to buy clothes because of the bits they cover up instead of the bits they show off?
  • In fact, when was the last time you confidently showed off your body?

It’s not your fault that the diet always starts again on Monday.

You’ve heard a million different opinions about how to lose weight, most of them conflicting.

And you’re still putting everyone else’s needs before your own because you’re a great Mum.

But there comes a point when the lack of love you have for your body get’s you down.

You start changing and almost giving up on ever feeling sexy again.

You’re worried you're not fit enough or even worse, too fat for the gym? So, you don’t go. You find an excuse, whether it's a coffee morning with the girls or you're simply too tired after the mammoth efforts of the morning routine to leave the house before the afternoon school run.

You’ll have tried the likes of Slimming World and Weight Watchers too but found that you end up feeling restricted and still having to figure out what everyone else is eating for tea.

But…There is an alternative… Introducing Fitness with Friends...

Imagine we moved the coffee morning to the best gym in the world (self-proclaimed) and you brought the girls with you so that you could catch up and train together all at the same time.

Think of it like a coffee morning with the girls where we swap the cakes for weights and the coffee for a water bottle.

Might not sound as tasty as cake but you know what IS tasty?

  • You with a sexy ass body!
  • You with confidence!
  • You feeling strong and empowered!

Personal training is proven to be the fast track way to amazing and long lasting fat loss. There's no disputing that.

And because everything is better when you do it with someone else, Fitness with Friends ensures you have the very best training, nutrition and social support there is.

Programs are designed specifically for YOU. Yup - your program is adapted to your individual needs and fitness \ strength levels. So, you will never feel out of your depth or like you're the most out of shape person in the gym.

Even though you’ll train together everything is tailored uniquely to you. There will never be a moment where you have to stop because it’s just got too much, or look around awkwardly in a class because you don’t know what’s going on.

You’ll train together with friends you already have or new friends in small groups of no more than 4 people so you get all the support you need.

Having the support of a caring trainer and other women in the EXACT same situation as you will be one of the secrets to your inevitable success.

The cost of a totally new body shape is less than the cost of a latte a day.

You are invited to come along and meet me, check out the gym and tell me about your personal goals absolutely free and you can decide if Fitness for Friends is for you.

Latte's are on me!


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What do people like you think about group training?

Jules Jules

My thoughts before trying group training were that 'I could do with another hour in bed'.

But the thing that surprised me was that I am a little competitive... and it helped me raise my game.

I also loved working with other people.

If you are feeling nervous I would say just get in there.  It's a lot of fun, not scary and everyone is very friendly.

Sarah Sarah

I wasn't sure what to expect from a group training session. I was a bit worried that I'd feel self-conscious exercising in a group with people I didn't know, but it was really fun.

Bjorn is so encouraging and supportive and made the session enjoyable. It was lovely to be able to chat to others about their progress and goals.

Bjorn makes everyone feel at ease and rather than feeling self-conscious or judged on my ability, I felt supported by the group and really enjoyed the session. I would definitely recommend it.

Denise Denise

I was a bit apprehensive about group training as I didn't know anyone going and felt I must be the most unfit. However Bjorn had thought about the group dynamics and we all were similar in age and fitness and personality which made the whole experience very social and enjoyable.

Group fitness does engender a bit of competitiveness so you do work harder but also you want to encourage your fellow participants to do well as well.

Overall I enjoyed the session and made new friends that I would have no hesitation in joining again.

Julie Julie

I looked forward to the group session as I was looking forward to meeting and working with other enthusiasts.

I would love to do more group work.

What I enjoyed most about group training was chatting and exchanging stories and achievements.

It's been great fun working with Bjorn.  Plus, he has transformed me from a couch potato, to someone full of vim and vigor!

It's actually a really great experience!


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