You have the chance to apply for more than just personal training.

You are applying for a lifestyle change shared and supported by friends new & old and a caring coach.

I do not take on everyone that applies if I don't feel I can help them.

Apply now and I will be in touch very soon to discuss how I can help you further.


What is group training?

Group training has all the benfits of 1:1 training but with 2 or 4 people so that you can have even more fun training with and making new friends.

Will I still be looked after even though I'm doing group training?

100% Your training program will be fully customised for your requirements and you will still recieve 1:1 support outside of sessions in terms of nutrition and accountability.

How much does it cost?

That really depends on what you;re looking for.  There are 2 or 3 sessions a week available as well as a choice between training in pairs of groups of 4.

That sounds great but I still have questions....

Fill in the form above and I'll meet you for a coffee (my treat) so that we can discuss it further.