7 Reasons To Be A Fit Mummy (And It’s Not About Skinny Jeans!)

7 Reasons To Be A Fit Mummy (And It’s Not About Skinny Jeans!)

When you’re a Mum, being fit and strong suddenly becomes about much more than how you look. So let’s forget about shape, size, and weight and think about more important things. Here are 7 reasons Mums might want to do more exercise (not one mention of skinny jeans!)

You do NOT need me to tell you how demanding parenthood is! “Being tired” before kids means nothing once you experience the real exhaustion and dawn-to-dusk demands of having babies, toddlers, and older kids about. I know I’m a bloke, but I am a Dad, and I take my hat off not just to my wife but to all you Mums. As much as husbands and partners try to help out, you ladies shoulder the majority of the load.

And your bodies bear the brunt.

You already know how tiring and draining being a Mum is. But did you know that getting regular exercise will REALLY help your body cope with all the everyday demands of bringing up kids? I know, I know… you’re probably laughing at me right now for thinking you have ANY time for exercise. But in my job as a PT, I do have lots of clients who are Mums to one or more kids.

Listen, I’m not going to preach at you. I’ll just give you the facts, and let you decide for yourself when the time is right. (By the way, whenever that is, I’ll be here to help > link <).

#1 Baby Wearing (Protect Your Back)

If you wear your baby in a sling/wrap or carry older babies on your back, you might already be feeling the nagging aches and pains. Think about it from your back’s point of view. If you signed up to some endurance fitness event which involved carrying a 12lb+ weight (which moves around, by the way) every single day, you’d train for it right? But Mums don’t “train” their backs, hips, shoulders and cores for carrying babies in slings, wraps, or carriers. Doing some specific exercises will help strengthen and protect your back so you can carry your kids without pain. And it will minimise your chances of suffering with back pain in the distance future, too.

#2 Carrying… Stuff. Lots Of Stuff

The amount of “stuff” that comes with babies and kids is just mind-boggling, isn’t it? A little bit of the right kind of exercise will help you carry all that stuff (not to mention the actual kids) faster, easier, and with less pain. You’ll find it easier to do it, and your body will find it easier to recover too. Which is kind of handy, since I doubt your kids care if you really really need a sit down for 10 minutes….

#3 Pushchairs & Buggies

Those things are HEAVY! Even a newborn in a buggy seems to weigh a ton, and of course things only get heavier from there. Wouldn’t it be great to know that you’re fit and strong enough to push your kid up the steepest of hills or manoeuvre the pushchair up stairs/escalators. I know you get it done anyway (what other option is there?) But it could be easier on your body. (By the way, pushing pushchairs is actually amazing for your legs and bum. Some people pay good money to go to a gym and have a PT tell them to push something very similar back and forth!)

#4 Playing…. On The Floor, At The Park, Everywhere

When your kids want you to play with them, your body doesn’t get a chance to think “hmm, can I actually DO that?” You just…do it. But do you ever struggle to get down on the floor (or back up again) fast enough? What about in the park – are there things your little one would love you to do that you find difficult? A fitter, stronger body can get up and down off the floor more easily. And all those other things your kids want you to try. (Disclaimer: I can’t actually guarantee that small group fitness training > link < will teach you how to climb trees….)

#5 Tidying Up

It never stops, does it? Whilst Aunties, Uncles, and Grandparents can have a “nice sit down and a cuppa” once the toddler is down for his nap, Mums use the time to tidy up. It’s amazing how being a little fitter would help you even with this. You’ll feel less knackered when the tidying-up starts, and you’ll likely finish it faster. AND you’ll feel less in urgent need of a sit down after. Of course you’ll still be tired! Exercise can’t work miracles. But being a little fitter and stronger really does help you with EVERYTHING.

#6 Running Around After… Everyone

Bottom line is, working on your fitness levels will actually leave you MORE energised, not more tired. So you’ll have more physical and mental energy to cope with the 100s and 1000s of things Mums have to do every single day. And it might even help you sleep better. So when you do get a chance to sleep, your body will get more from it.

#7 Self-Confidence

The big one! This is one benefit of regular exercise which can’t be measured. But it 100% definitely happens. When you start doing a bit of regular exercise, you’ll feel better in and of yourself. More confident. Stronger. More positive. Better able to cope with stress. Just the fact that you’re doing this one thing FOR YOU will boost your body confidence. You don’t even have to lose any weight or inches for it to happen. Enjoy the happy hormones that exercise gives you, naturally.

If you’re in Maidstone, come and find out how local Mums are getting fitter and stronger with me.

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