Why I Looked Like Sh*t And How It Can Help You

For someone that has always struggled with confidence about they way they look this picture was hard to take and even harder to share but I need to start reaching out and helping more people.

Do you ever wake up feeling as bad as I look?

As much as each person is different, we are all very similar in so many ways.

So my reasons for looking like an extra, no, a main character from a zombie movie are the same that you struggle with your diet and exercise habits.

I am now working more hours than ever before.

My business is still relatively young and needs time and attention to realise its full potential. Just like body transformation, there is no quick fix.

I am often up at 5am, and out of the house until 10pm. No self pity here, it’s just the way it has to be to meet the needs of my clients.

On the day this photo was taken my limited sleep window was further cut down by my daughter waking up at 3:30am and again at 4am. Needless to say, I didn’t get back to sleep. Instead I decided to lay there thinking about my ‘to-do’ list and how little sleep I’d had! Probably worked out to around 4-5 hours in total.

I love my daughter more than I can express but at 3:30am I really have to keep reminding myself of that fact!

After all, she’s the reason I am working these hours. I was fortunate enough to enjoy a great upbringing and a comfortable life and I want to give her the same opportunities as me.

Despite looking and feeling like death, I was genuinely excited to get to work as it’s what I love doing.

But given the choice between work & family time and family wins every time. Again, I work to support my family and to be able to enjoy family time.

Apart from my family and my business, the other thing I value is my own health – physical & mental. You really cannot separate the two.

I want to have a nice body for my own self esteem and so that my wife will still find me attractive.

I want to be fit enough to keep up with my ridiculously energetic daughter.

I want to live long enough to see her become an amazing mother to my grandchildren is she chooses to make that choice.

My point is that we all face challenges…

– We need or want more money \ financial security or career success
– Want to provide for our families
– Want to cherish every second with our families
– Want to look & feel great despite our advancing years
– Want to be happy in all areas of our lives

The problem is that we often get so caught up in one or two areas that we completely neglect others.

No matter how good things are, just being unhappy with one area is enough to bring us down, make us tired, depressed or fed up.

This morning I was physically and mentally drained, I wanted to go back to bed, I didn’t want to workout and I wanted ALL the food.

But I knew that this would only throw me further off balance – and there is the key.

To be the best you can be in your career, as a husband, as a dad, as a friend you need balance.

If your career makes you miserable – change it.

If your body is embarrassing, squidgy and lethargic – look after it.

If your family don’t recognise your face anymore – clear your diary for them in whatever capacity fits for you.

There is no such thing as optimal or perfect when it comes to life.

All you can do is make it as good as you can for you and those you love.

I am still struggling to find that balance but I am aware of it and working on it.

No time to feel sorry for myself, I need to take action – do you need to do the same?

What change do you need to make to make yourself and your loved ones happier?

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