How To Kick Monday In The Balls


At least that’s how I often used to see them.

There was one in particular that really stick in my mind though.

The buses were all messed up, I was 30 minutes late to work as a result and I had injured my wrist doing DIY (the decorating kind) at the weekend.

I was so fed up that I wrote the rest of the day off and decided I was in a bad mood.

This was all by 6:30am!

Despite the fact that I would be at work for the next 13 hours and awake for 15, I had already decided that nothing good was going to happen.

As I stood at the bus stop shivering I began to think through my day and what it was that I enjoy and the answer was simple.


I love talking to people.  There is no limit to what other people can teach you or how much joy and value you can add to each others lives.

I ran through all the people I was going to interact with during the day.

— The Bus Driver: Was it his fault the bus was running late? Well, possibly, but grunting at him with my hood pulled over my head was hardly going to put the world right.

I always make a point to lower my hood when I get on the bus and say good morning. For all I know he’s having a tough time and a friendly ‘hello’ might change his day.

At the very least it made me feel better.

— My 6:30am inductee at the gym: Was it his fault the bus was late? No. Was it his fault my wrist hurt? No.

In fact, he’s the poor person that had to hang around for 30 minutes waiting for me, making him almost late for work.

Seeing as it was his first time in the gym and first impression of me, walking in with a bad mood \ attitude would have been doing him a terrible dis-service.

I like to be as welcoming and supportive as possible to anyone brave enough to start going to the gym.

I wanted to make sure he felt so good about the gym that he’d want to come back again and again.

— The gym staff: Was any of this their fault? No!

The staff at the gym have been nothing but HUGELY supportive and welcoming to me. They are always happy to tell people about me and in turn I like to help out wherever I can.

Taking my mood out on them would not only be bad for business but wouldn’t make for much of a fun working atmosphere.

Then there are the people I would come into contact with throughout the day. The coffee shop barista, gym members, clients, friends, family, shop assistants.

Life can be tragically short and time is the most valuable commodity there is.

Once it’s gone you can never get it back.

Why waste it being unnecessarily negative and why inflict that on others and bring them down.

We all have bad moods, low periods, struggles etc but so does everyone else.

Just by being nice to someone else will not only brighten their day but will probably make you feel better too.

So my challenge to you today if you’re struggling is just to smile at someone, say something nice, help someone out or find the positive from a negative.


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