What Personal Trainers Never Tell You About Getting Your Pre-Baby Body Back

What Personal Trainers Never Tell You About Getting Your Pre-Baby Body Back!

There’s so much BS in magazines about “getting your pre-baby body back”.  You’re probably sick of fitness articles telling you to “snap” back into your “pre-baby jeans”. Instead, they should be telling you about THIS…

The truth about your body, post-baby (from the perspective of a Personal Trainer)

This article won’t be popular with some Personal Trainers. You know, the ones who tell you that all you need to do is buy their online training plan, and do a (miserable) diet, and you’ll be back to your pre-baby body within 12 weeks.

But I’d rather talk to you honestly. After all, you already know the truth – because you’re the ones living in that post-baby body. But what you might not know is WHY your body is different now, and what that DOES mean for exercise, weight loss, and toning up now you’re a Mum.

Ready for some home truths (served up with a healthy dose of positivity)?


Your Body Will Never (Quite) Be The Same

Yep, no matter what the women’s magazines and 12-week diets tell you, your body will never go back to being exactly how it was before your pregnancy and the birth. Of course it won’t – how could it? It’s changed, not just physically but on a hormonal level, too. The media focuses on the changes we can see, but so much has gone on inside as well. Ligaments stretching, bones moving, your pelvis and hips shifting. And of course if you had a C-section or other intervention, you have other changes to deal with too.

But that does NOT mean you should give up on any goals you have for your own body.

It might look and feel different, but it has done the MOST amazing thing imaginable in growing and giving life.

When you’re ready (and you are 100% in control of how long that might be!), your body will be able to change. You will be able to lose weight if you want to, change the shape of your waist and tummy, regain strength and fitness.

But, no, it will never be exactly the same as it was before. And this is NOT a negative thing! So let’s not focus on “getting your pre-baby body back”. Because you’re not that woman any more. You’ve changed, life has changed, and your body reflects that.

Instead, why not focus on “making your post-baby body as strong and fit as you can”.


Your Fitness Routine Will Need To Change

If you exercised or did sport before you had a baby, you might need to make a few changes to the way you train (at least for the first year or so). If you’re new to exercise, you will need a different training programme to the non-Mums out there.

This is because your body is weaker in some areas, but actually stronger in others. Yes, pregnancy and birth actually leaves you stronger and in a different hormonal state – and that can be a GOOD thing for your fitness goals!

I understand that a few wobbly bits here and there might not make you feel sexy (at least for now). It can be difficult to get your head around a body which looks and feels so different.

But your body can be BETTER than ever – stronger, with more muscle, and a firmer shape. You just need to make sure you pick a fitness programme which is designed for women who are Mums.


The One Thing They NEVER Tell You!

Fitness articles always bang on about how Mums should exercise to lose weight or look slimmer. But there’s one MASSIVE element that they completely miss out – and I think it’s key.

Self-confidence, happiness, and socialising!

Exercise sessions do not have to mean going it alone in the gym. Why not join a small group of other Mums (CLICK HERE) who have all been through similar experiences and now have similar goals?

See how we do it at our local group fitness training sessions www.bjornfit.co.uk < – designed specifically for Mums who want to make their post-baby body the best it can be (NOT get their pre-baby body back!)

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