Stop Believing Your Own Excuses – Ben’s Story

Do you have a busy life? Is work stressful?

Then you need to read about Ben.

Ben looks just like a normal guy (albeit incredibly good looking). But Ben’s job is busier than busy.

If he’s not travelling then he’s in the office……. A LOT! Not a bit, but A LOT!

He’s hugely successful in his career and that’s down to talent and sheer hard work, effort and determination – all the things you need to be successful in your fitness goals too.

He would love to have a day that most people would think is busy as it would feel like a rest to him!

Ben was training twice a week after work but has missed the last 2 months of training all due to work commitments.

He’s been to Turkey on business, attended conferences in London, meetings in Manchester and been stuck in countless traffic jams on the M25 on the occasions he has desperately tried to get back for his training sessions.

The desire to train has never left him as he really FEELS the positive benefits of training on his mood, energy levels and work performance \ productivity.

One day Ben got sick of making excuses not to train so we did something about it.

I took Ben for coffee (which we had to squeeze into his diary).

We talked through how he was feeling, what he wanted from training and how we could find a way of continuing that would serve him better as he can never get away from the office at a reasonable hour in the evening.

Cutting a long story short he now trains in the morning before work so that it’s done and out of the way and he can stay at work as long as he wants (needs to) without feeling guilty for not having worked out.

Yes he has to sacrifice 30 minutes 2x per week to get up earlier but if you want something then you can’t just expect it to be handed to you. You have to work for it.

Ben feels that his goals are important enough to him to sacrifice some of his time.

He doesn’t complain about not having spare time, nor does he squander a single second watching TV or sleeping in at weekends.

I am immensely proud of his commitment and would urge anyone that’s struggling to reach out to me for some friendly help & support.

It’s highly likely that we can find a way to fit your health and fitness into your existing lifestyle.  That doesn’t mean that you can never watch TV or enjoy yourself again.

Health & fitness should make you feel happier, more confident & more energetic. If they’re having the opposite effect then something needs to change.

Well done Ben!

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