Talk Your Way To A Better Body

I have been helping a guy in the gym where I work and he has been really struggling with the anxiety of being in the gym environment.

He’s in good condition, is really nice & friendly but just hates being in large groups as he feels self conscious.

He feels like he’s being watched, judged and that he doesn’t belong there because he’s not good enough or doesn’t know enough.

The thought of approaching someone he doesn’t know and trying to start a conversation is so daunting that he’d rather not go to the gym in the first place despite not being happy with the way he looks and his fitness level.

So powerful is the human mind that it can steer you away from doing what you REALLY want in life.

Here’s the thing I’ve discovered in the last few years

>> Mental health is more important than physical health.

Without a good, stable and positive mindset, any attempts at improving yourself physically will FAIL.

You just don’t have enough willpower to override your base urges and fears. These feeling are there to protect you but often this is the same thing as getting in your own way.

What I have been pleased to discover recently is that he and I just ‘get’ each other SO well that it’s been like talking to ourselves.

– We both have the same hang ups
– We both have the same fears
– We both have the same self doubts
BUT most importantly

We have both helped each other massively.

I have guided him through 3 gym sessions to help him feel comfortable in that environment.

We have spent up to 90 minutes in each session just talking 1:1 which has really helped to find so much common ground and mutual understanding.


Spending time with someone I can already call a great friend has helped me to realise that being scared of certain social situations is no bad thing and doesn’t make you any less of an amazing person.

This week has lifted us both massively and taught me that sometimes we should not only accept but EMBRACE who we are as it’s what make us unique.

So if you feel that it’s your emotions, hang ups, insecurities, or mindset that are holding you back, try talking to someone about it.

Getting your head ‘straight’ is the biggest thing you can do to ensure long term success and happiness.

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