Why Letting Yourself Down Is Good For You

You know those days where you know you’re in a bad mood but have no desire to do anything about it?

Well it happens so all of us and sometimes we enjoy it.  Misery loves company and all that

On one such occasion I was in what I call a total ‘funk’ (bad mood, mental fog etc)

I mentioned it in passing to someone and their response was just so helpful that I needed to share it……

What you focus on expands. So if you focus on how bad the situation is, soon it becomes blown out of proportion”

It’s both helpful and annoying when someone is so helpful and so right at the same time! Sometimes part of you WANTS to indulge in the bad and negative feelings for a while.

But they never serve you for the better in the long run.

The more you inflate that balloon of negativity, the less you are able to see as it just obstructs your view.

The more you dwell on the negativity, the worse you feel and the worse things seem.

– If you’ve had an argument with your beloved and dwell on it it will only make the situation harder to fix.

– If your workload is overwhelming then worrying about it rather than doing it will only make it worse

– If you over eat because you’re unhappy with your body then guess what?

Yup – it’s only going to get worse and you’ll lose more & more self confidence.

It’s a slippery slope from there so the earlier you recognise your destructive behaviour patterns and put steps in place to correct it the better.


Only you will be able to decide what course of action serves you best.

What works for one person may not work for you.

I would invite you to try this

>>> Rather than trying to battle or block out the negative, try focusing on something positive instead.

We already know that what we focus on grows and expands. So by focusing on something positive in our lives we will naturally have a more positive outlook and there will be less room for the negative and destructive thoughts in our heads.

So rather than constantly adding air to the metaphorical balloon of negativity, simply let go of it and watch as it flies away and is no longer distracting you.

What have you been dwelling upon day after day, week after week, month after month that isn’t getting any better by constantly thinking, analysing and stressing about it?

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