You’re Just Lazy

It’s no secret that to achieve what you want in terms of health & fitness you need to work hard.

But there’s more to it than that, you also need consistency and resilience.

Hard work means pushing yourself in sessions which some people find hard but it is by far not their biggest downfall. Even training at 80% of your maximum effort will get you results eventually.

Then you have consistency. As I said, being consistent, even if not perfect will get you pretty damn good results and you will achieve WAY more than just going all out for a week or two and then giving up.

But the biggest (not so) ‘secret’ is being able to push through when times get tough.

It’s easy to just say ‘I’m too busy’, ‘I don’t have time’, ‘I’m too tired’, ‘I’m too sore \ achey’.

While these might SEEM like valid excuses to you at the time, they are ultimately just excuses that you tell yourself.

Anyone who follows my page will know that sounds really harsh when my message is always one of understanding, caring and emotional support but bear with me here while I explain myself.

Resilience is the thing that most people lack.

When the going gets tough they give up, they tell themselves they can’t do it and so they stop making the effort.

I know this because I have days like that too.

Recently I was having a bad day, things were stressing me out and so I talked myself out of working out.

I made myself lazy, I gave myself excuses, I fueled that negative fire. The worst part is I made myself feel worse for skipping the workout.

I’m not naive enough to think that people have stress and commitment free lives.

But the fact remains that if you want to lose weight \ get strong \ tone up as much as you think you do then you will have to FIND the time for it.

It will have to move up the priority list.

Resilience is training despite being busy, despite being tired and despite not feeling like it and especially despite feeling sorry for yourself.

So if you never miss your favourite TV show then maybe your workout isn’t as important to you as you thought.

Rest & recovery is important but sometimes getting up half hour earlier, going to bed later or watching less TV (or time on facebook) might just help you.

A workout doesn’t have to be any more than 20 minutes.

I cannot motivate anyone, that has to come from within.

But if you need help with resilience then I definitely can help.

It’s all about finding an approach that does work for you and doesn’t cause you unnecessary stress or anxiety.

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